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Ceramisis Heater Div

Ceramisis Ltd specialises in producing bespoke heaters for in vacuum heating of substrates and samples, in PVD, CVD and Plasma deposition systems. Our standard heating solutions can be adapted and modified to fit into virtually any system and environment. We produce heaters to fit into new systems, as well as to upgrade old or existing deposition systems, where sample heating needs to be included or upgraded.

We have heaters that can operate in atmosphere down to UHV conditions and everything in between. We can adapt our heaters to cope with extreme environments and corrosive / reactive gasses, such as Oxygen and Selenium.All of our heaters and hot stages are designed, manufactured and tested in our manufacturing facility in Hastings, East Sussex in the South East of England.

2 inch Heater Max temp 1800°C

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CCC element heater Max temp 2000°C

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4 Inch heater Max temp 1000°C

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CCC Element

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Ceramisis Substrate heater Division